“Larry Smith doesn’t just live with Parkinson’s. He rises above it.” Source: Ride With Larry “After a 20-year battle with Parkinson’s, Larry has exhausted every conventional method of treatment, every drug, and even brain surgery. Refusing to give up, he seeks alternatives, discovering the untapped benefits of exercise and medical marijuana. Now Larry will attempt the unthinkable, a 300-mile bike ride across South Dakota, a journey of hope for anyone facing a life altering illness. In this intimate portrait of courage, love, and community, Larry Smith refuses to give up, proving that if you love life, you’ll fight for it.” Other Sources: Last Resort Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease: Former Cop Finds Astounding Relief from Medical Marijuana…

The incredible stories of two pediatric cannabis patients which will revolutionize the way that the world views the cannabis plant. contact:

Dr. Hicks explains the many health benefits of Cannabidiol

This is Professor Raphael Mechoulam, Phd. He has been reseaching the cannabis plant, CBD, and THC since at least 1946 when he discovered CBD (read more). Again in 1980 he realized CBD could play an important role in treating Epilepsy. 

Decades later,he is here on Youtube he is still sharing with us his knowledge of this amazing plant.

“Bone Remodeling and Fracture Healing” – “What does the brain have to do with the bones?” asks Professor Raphael Mechoulam, Phd of Hebrew University. Having noted changes in bone structure in brain-damaged patients, with improvement in broken bones and osteoporosis with CB2 agonist

In this interview Gunver Juul (Danish Holistic Biomedicine School) explains how she has used CBD oil in her practice to help patients with MS, ALS and other Neurological issues. Endoca were invited to present at the Biomedicine conference in Copenhagen on the 25th September 2016. Afterwards we sat down with Gunver Juul and asked her to share her results and experiences of using Endoca CBD Oil with her clients. Gunver is the founder of the Danish Holistic Biomedicine School and educates practitioners in a holistic way using a variety of modalities based on the principles of only using natural remedies and never using things that could harm the body.

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